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  • Apple Light 1.0S

    It is widely used in street and roads, residential areas, scenic spots, parks, squares, private gardens and other public places.

    Product Advantage

    Original patent design, independent mould.

    All night lighting. The light never be off no matter how many rainy or cloudy days.
    The light can be installed from Equator area to Polar regions. 
    The working temperature is -47-70℃.
    Integrated design, modular production and one screw installation.
    Low voltage design, safe and Reliable.
    Integrated package, convenient transportation.
    With LiFePO4 battery which usually apply for electric bus.
    With high efficiency LED, long service life. 

    Performance Parameter

    Applicable Scenes

    Model Comparison

    Gold Apple Light

    Light Source:With Radar Control 18W;Light Control 10W
    Battery:With Radar Control 6.5Ah;Light Control 13Ah
    Solar Panel:18W

    Peach Light 1.0

    Light Source:15W


    Solar Panel:36W

    Flat Light 1.0S

    Light Source:With Radar Control 15W;Light Control 7W

    Solar Panel:15W

    Lotus Light 1.0

    Light Source:7W


    Solar Panel:18W