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    Sale and product Inquire

    Blue Carbon Headquarters operation center

    Any questions want to seek or learn Blue Carbon Technology Inc,Blue Carbon Products,Blue Carbon factories, Could call: 400-061-7071 to contact us. Time: Monday to Saturday, from 8:00 am to 5:30pm

    Blue Carbon Operation service center

    Blue Carbon Operation service center owns the qualifications to sell BCT brand products, these products have the same quality assurance system. BCT's City Operation Service Centers provide industry Professional knowledge and solutions based on Blue Carbon products for different organizations.

    Technology and Product Support

    Message online technical support

    Contact Blue Carbon Technical support

    Each customer is accompanied by a professional staff to follow up, from the learn, purchase to technical inquiries, all can consult with professional staff.
    The BCT professional staffs who serve the customers all after the company's selection, long-term training and phased assessment.

    More ways to get help:

    • Tel: 400-061-7071
    • Address:No.C1 Technology Innovation Center,High-Tech Zone,Rizhao,Shandong Province,China
    • Fax: 0633-2165720
    • Zip code:276800

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