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  • Environment Responsibility

    The truly innovative products.
    It only affects the world and does not affect the earth.

    Low impact is a new measure of high performance.

    Just as the products of BCT continue to be close to demand, BCT never stop taking environmental protection in terms of raw materials and production processes. From raw material selection to waste treatment during production and product recycling, all are in full compliance with European ROHS regulations, guaranteeing absolute green environmental protection.In many ways,the more advanced the product, the smaller the impact on the environment.

    • More environmentally friendly factory,
      more blue earth.

    • Increase efforts to combat climate change.

    • Use safer and more environmentally friendly chemicals to establish new regulations.

    • In terms of product production security, product quality, product grade and other standards and environmental protection, Blue Carbon has always adhered to extremely high standards.

    We are deeply concerned,
    Not only the public demand, but also the earth which everyone lives in together.

    Therefore, we not only strive to do it, but also continuously summarize and improve the experience gained and share it with all suppliers.
    We believe that high standards and strict requirements for ourselves are the first step of environmental protection for the whole industry.

    • Products with higher performance consume less energy.

    • Adhering to high standards of self-requirement is the first step of environmental protection starting from me.

    • We share our experience in dealing with waste and promote the positive impact of the entire industry on the earth.

    • Strict testing, safer for you and the environment.

    We do our best to make the products used for long time after purchase.

    Our design focuses on being used for years and extends product lifespan as longer as possible.The products are made of durable materials, and the LiFePO4 battery can adapt to larger temperature difference.The longer the device can be used, the better it will be for the earth.

    • Reliability Testing Laboratory. We prepare in advance for your worries

    • The use of clean energy to make life better.