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  • Supplier Responsibility

    We're doing our best,
    just ensure that you would get the most assured products.

    Blue Carbon are deeply concerned not only about the products themselves, but also about the earth that we all depend on. Therefore, we have established very high standards for ourselves and our suppliers to ensure that everyone has dignity and is respected.

    Our supply chains are spread all over the world, so we don’t dare to slack off at all.

    The suppliers of Blue Carbon’s products are spread all over the world. From the supply of raw materials, unified equipment, staff training to product quality inspection, we work with our suppliers together to ensure that the needs of the products can be met and the environment is not destroyed.

    • Import raw materials

    • Quality inspection

    • Production

    • Logistics

    • Franchiser

    • Recycle

    Adhering to high standards of self-requirements is the first step in improving the environment by ourselves.

    In terms of the production safety, product quality, product grade, etc., and the protection of the environment, Blue Carbon and the suppliers have always followed extremely high standard requirements. Even if these guidelines are more stringent than those in the countries or regions where they are located, Blue Carbon and all partners are strictly subject to these high standards, as we are convinced that, as long as we are sufficiently strict to ourselves, we can finally be found further development.

    Create a workplace where everyone enjoys safety and respect.

    We ask our suppliers to ensure that every employee has dignity and respect. The suppliers must arrange reasonable working hours, offer safe workplaces and create an environment without discrimination. They must inform each employee of these rights and interests at the beginning of their arrival and provide anonymous channels so that employees can express their feelings when they have ideas or scruple.

    • Safety workplace, high standards and strict requirements.

      The Supplier shall provide safety equipment in accordance with the standards, strictly operate according to the rules and regulations and standardize the staff training to control the risks in the work. It is our greatest confidence that our suppliers are responsible for personnel and products.

    • Our suppliers provide better benefits package to employees under the same conditions.

    • They make products for us, and we create learning opportunities for them.

      Many employees in the supply chain, mastered new skills after training, and achieved their career development.

    • More environmentally friendly factories, greener earth.

      We use 3.2 V lithium iron phosphate battery, non-toxic (SGS certification passed), no pollution.

    Using safer and more environmentally friendly chemicals, and establishing new specification.

    Blue Carbon has set up safer standards for the use of chemicals, so all employees in the supply chain could work in more secured environment.

    • Put more efforts to combat climate change.

      Blue Carbon uses clean blue crystals to replace the polluting energy sources. This is our aim, and is also what we and our suppliers have been working for together.

    • We are deeply concerned about not only public demand, but also about the earth on which everyone lives together.

      Therefore, we have set up a very high standard for ourselves and our suppliers to ensure that every product can make the best use of itself.

    • Do our best , work hard for the harmonious coexistence of human and nature.

      We think that enterprises should do their best to serve the public demand, so that life becomes more convenient and the environment becomes more beautiful.

    • This is not only one job, but also one career growth.

      Many employees in the supply chain mastered new skills after training, and achieved their career development.

    More environmentally friendly factories, greener communities.

    Every year, we will deepen our cooperation with suppliers and work together to protect the earth. Through a down-to-earth collaborative program, we work together to save more energy and water resources, adopt safer chemicals, and work hard to eliminate waste. While encouraging suppliers to use best practices and promote them outside of the factory, we also publicly share lessons learned from them and promote a positive impact on the earth from the side of the whole industry.

    • Learn new skills, get new degrees, and open up new ways to grow.

      Our education program covers various fields from life skills to higher education degrees, and has helped thousands of people improved themselves and developed their careers.

    • Photovoltaic is new energy technology, needs to be understood.

      Before entering into the work, photovoltaic as new energy source is almost an unknown field in everyone's mind. Now, they could quickly tell whether the product is good or bad, and everyone is an industry insider.

    • Let the profit benefit more vendors and employees.

      We provide professional resources and education of relevant specialties, and have helped hundreds of people achieved new career breakthroughs, and family income doubled.

    • Go deeply into the supply chain to provide educational opportunities.

      We constantly challenge ourselves, expand our education programs, and deeply go into more links of the supply chain, providing opportunities of developing skills for more people.

    Work together and move forward all the time.

    We regularly communicate with our suppliers to seek mutual improvement where we can progress together. When suppliers meet challenges, we will work closely with them until the difficulties are defeated, we are growing together. Suppliers whose values are not consistent with us will face the risk of being removed from the supply chain.

    "We believe that enterprises should do everything that they can to serve the public, offer every people more powerful force, and unity of us all together ever than before."

    Regarding supplier responsibility, you are welcome to make valuable comments.

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