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  • Company Introduction

    Now Blue Carbon achieves professional products design, products molded,
    standard production, and simple installation.

    The sun, the source of the earth's energy,
    The sunshine, shining on every inch of the earth, and promoting the progress and continuation of human civilization.
    With the light, it constructs the great dream of people and the environment.
    With the energy, it describes the splendid blueprint of the wireless world Blue Carbon, micro-energy storage system solution supplier!

    From domestic early research and development and large-scale production of integrated solar street lights to the provision of micro-energy storage system solutions,

    From perfect national brand to global strategic layout, Each step is a new height of Blue Carbon!

    Unlimited Sunshine, Wireless World!

    To solve the user's last 5 kilometers of power grid demand, Blue Carbon integrates the superior resources of the industry and transforms them into solutions for micro-energy storage systems in different fields, and independently research,develop and produce various universal power-storage systems (Universal UPS), solar garden lights, solar street lights, solar flood lights, solar water pumps, solar refrigerators, solar air conditioners and solar modules.

    • The products which are designed and produced independenly.

      Even in the continuous rainy days,
      can still power and ensure the pre 4 hours high power,
      then intelligent power control until morning

    • Outdoor solar lights
      light up every night.

    • Lighting up the way home with clean energy.

    • At present, Blue Carbon has 6 large-scale production bases.

      With whole industrial chain from product R&D to mold processing and lithium iron phosphate battery packing.

    Now Blue Carbon achieves professional products design, molded products, standard production, and simple installation.

    The exchange of resources among all product lines provides customers with product and service solutions of different systems.

    As the first brand of solar lighting system in southeast Asia, Blue Carbon is the integrated supplier to meet the needs of many fields of micro-energy storage system by providing one-stop solution from R&D to production, from made in China to created in China.

    We cover commercial, residential and public lighting, agricultural irrigation, household and commercial refrigeration and many industrial applications.

    Products we design and manufacture adapt to the time and face the future.

    • Product competitiveness

      There is one U. S. rating company,
      evaluates that Blue Carbon has non-duplicated product competitiveness.

    • Technology research and development

      Every innovation comes from the close link
      between the in-depth study of light energy and the most painful demand of users.

    • Sales network

      The attitude of the service towards the customer determines the growth height of the enterprise, and Blue Carbon is always on the road of continuous innovation.

    • Prospect

      Innovation and win-win cooperation, pursuit of excellence.
      The value conveys the power of belief.

    We expect that every kilowatt stored in every high-quality energy storage product, will illumine radiance that harmonizes people and the environment.

    We are in belief that every kilowatt saved by every high-efficiency energy storage product, will light up the hope of future.

    Blue Carbon, Micro-Energy Storage System Solution supplier!
    With a seamless cover of sunlight to replace the last five kilometers of the micro-grid !